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What is the KEY-WORD to finding your perfect aesthetic provider?

When you go to Google to search for an aesthetic provider, what do you type in? Did you know that "Skincare" is the number 1 term googled in our area currently? At Prestige, we get excited about that! We believe that skincare is a priority in getting you to your aesthetic goals. Yes, botox and Dermal fillers are a piece of the puzzle. Ultimately it is important to establish a good skincare routine with quality medical grade skincare first, and then consider adding other treatments like botox, dermal filler, microneedling, lasers, etc. that will yield results you are looking for. Googling a term such as Hair loss treatment, Latisse, acne and so on will open doors to different practices, but do your due diligence. Ask them about training, continuing education, before and afters. Meet with them and ask questions, lots of them. If you feel comfortable, start the process. A good aesthetic practitioner is like a good hairdresser, you will never want to leave them!

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