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Why Medical Grade Skin Care Makes A Difference!

One of the biggest questions we get is why choose ZO Skin Health products versus over the counter skincare or subscription skincare? This is a great question and one that is important to ask. Dr. Obagi a board-certified Dermatologist that has over 35 years of experience and knowledge that has enabled him to create cutting edge protocols that focus on skin disease and damage that allow for rejuvenation and prevention.

NOW the kicker!!!!!🧐 Did you know that Medical grade skincare is FDA regulated, meaning that BY LAW, 99% of the active ingredients have to be pure, and must do what it advertises!! The high concentrations of the ingredients allow it to penetrate the layers of the skin to make the real change. AMAZING #ZOSKINHEALTH So what does it mean for OTC products, well since they are not FDA regulated studies have shown that 90% of the product is water or filler and that leaves only 10% for active ingredients. The scariest part is that OTC skincare products don't have to have clinical studies done, so they can make any claims they want and they don't have to be proven....😲

Here are the proven results from ZO Skin Health's Getting Skin Ready protocol: At 4-week interval 41% reduction in sebum presence At 8-week interval 24% reduction in dirt presence At 8-week interval 31% reduction in pores At 8-week interval 46% improvement in texture

The results are real, if you're not using a medical-grade skincare product consider trying ZO SKIN Health you won't regret it!

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