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Lower-Face Tox - The Underrated Benefits

Botox is NOT just for the forehead!

When most people think of a Botox treatment, they think of smoothing forehead lines and crow's feet. While these areas are tried and true with traditional techniques, Botox can be used all over the face (and body) to relax and engage different muscles, for outcomes you would never think possible! 

When looking at our handy injection point diagram, you can see traditional injection sites for forehead lines, the 11’s, bunny lines, and crow’s feet, but let’s take a closer look, as we move down the face. 

Of course, crow’s feet treatments are on the outer edge of the eye, but where else could we inject for different results? The first place is under the eye or in the jelly rolls. These are the tiny rolls and lines that some people get under their eyes when they smile. By using a couple of units of Botox right in the under-eye area, the lines and “roll” appearance fade and can even expand the field of vision for some!

Now, let’s talk about lower-face toxin injection points. There are multiple aesthetic and comfort benefits to treating the lower face areas with Botox. One of the most common issues we treat is TMJ or clenching jaw issues. Injecting into the jawline can relax these muscles and give relief from painful clenching or grinding. Aesthetically, this can tighten and lift the jawline appearance as well.

When thinking about the mouth/lip area, filler is usually the go-to for more fullness or evenness, but with Botox, we can get aesthetic results for other issues. The gummy smile injection point is for those whose gums show significantly when they smile. By injecting above the upper lip but below the nostril, the muscle can relax, therefore making a more even gum-to-teeth ratio when they smile. 

On the other end, there is the lip flip, which is an injection point right above the border of the upper lip. These small points relax the muscle in a different way than the gummy smile, to make the upper lip do a “flip” up and give a natural pout, without any filler.

Along with jawline toxin, the chin and around the mouth can be treated, as well. Injecting right on the chin can help to smooth the pitted or “orange peel” appearance of the chin when it is scrunched up. Injections can also be placed in between the chin and cheek, to smooth the marionette lines.

Injections in the neck area can also help to smooth lines from “tech neck” or slouching. Injecting into the platysmal bands or the little vertical bands on either side of the Adam’s apple can reduce the appearance of banding, for a nice, smooth neck. These areas can also be treated for excessive flushing of the chest and neck, as well as unwanted or embarrassing redness at inopportune times!

If we have this amazing little vile of magic, why would we only use it in one small part of the body? See if you could benefit from lower face or even body botox treatments at your next appointment!  

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