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Scalp Health: Get to the ROOT of the problem!

How Hydrafacial technology is helping hair growth and scalp health!

You may have seen us advertise the Keravive Scalp Treatment in our February specials, but what is this magical treatment?? Let us tell you!

We all know the amazing Hydrafacial technology, which uses a pen-like device, with water pressure, to exfoliate, cleanse and extract the face. Hydrafacial wanted to go further and use the same technology but for the scalp! That is where Keravive was invented! 

Keravive uses the traditional Hydrafacial technology and device, but with a “hyper-concentrated cocktail of rejuvenating peptides” (Hydrafacial) that help multiple issues regarding hair and hair follicles. When you have a Keravive treatment done, you can expect so many benefits like:

  • A cleaner, exfoliated, and hydrated scalp and hair follicles 

  • Increased blood flow and circulation in the scalp, which promotes hair growth and health

  • Visibly healthy, thicker & fuller hair

We tend to neglect the scalp when it comes to skincare; but really, it is one of the most important things! Even if you wash your hair every day, and scrub your scalp vigorously, there are impurities from products (even the ones that clean the hair) that stay on the hair and the follicles! When you do your skincare routine and then lie down on your pillow, those impurities can infiltrate the great work that your products are doing! 

When you get a Keravive treatment, we utilize an LED microscope to show you all of the build-up on your scalp and the roots of your hair, before and after the treatment. One of the most satisfying things to our clients, when they receive a Keravive treatment, is all of the “gunk” that comes off and out of the scalp, which you can see in the Hydrafacial collection chamber! 

Stimulate hair growth and cleanse your scalp with Keravive!

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