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Since the popularity of the use of filler, spas have realized that they are able to market half syringes of filler, at a lower cost, to clients. What they won’t tell you; it’s just to get you back in the door.

Did you know that 1ml of lip filler is only 1/5th of what you would give a child in a measured 1 teaspoon cough syrup cup? When a half syringe is promoted for a lesser cost to the client, the client doesn’t realize that a half syringe, when settled down at the three-week, will not have a noticeable difference from the pre-filler appearance. This is where marketing comes in.

If you get a half syringe of filler, and your “results” are not what you were expecting or your lips are looking “deflated” after healing time, you will want more and go back.

In the long run, your cost ends up being higher, than if you originally bought a full syringe. Many spas will also advertise or post pictures, immediately after injection, where swelling gives a false “result”.

Verifiable results are actually in the 3-week follow-up pictures, NOT DIRECTLY AFTER. In fact, a lot of people will have quick regrets based on the swelling directly after injections, because the swelling makes the lips look much larger than the eventual result. However, they usually do want their day one and two-day swelling back at about day 9.

Be aware of the marketing ploys to get you back in the door, which eventually will cost you more money. Every company can offer less, but will you feel satisfied? Ask these questions!

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