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Is The Hyaluron Pen safe?

"Needle-free" filler? Sounds too good to be true - because it is.

The Hyaluron Pen is a “needle-free” high-pressure device that was originally designed for diabetic people to inject insulin without having to poke themselves. Over the years, it evolved into a device that could be used by non-licensed practitioners to force dermal filler into the skin. The problem is that there is no way to know if you are forcing dermal filler into a blood vessel. This can cause a massive complication by blocking a blood vessel and causing tissue death. This occurs when dermal filler blocks the path of blood to get to the tissues that it needs to supply with oxygenated blood. When tissues don’t have oxygenated blood, they can die without proper treatment. This can soon result in the formation of blistered, red, pale, or dusky (grayish blue) skin that is screaming for oxygen. The skin can also be cool and begin to really swell.

There is no way to control that risk with the Hyaluron Pen as the practitioner is unable to do the double check called “aspirating” prior to actually pushing dermal filler into the proper tissue. Aspiration is when the syringe plunger is pulled back to ensure that blood does not enter the needle chamber. This is key!

Articles are attached regarding these FDA warnings and other reputable sources. The FDA actually says “DON’T USE THIS DEVICE”. It is pivotal to read if you are considering this procedure! It may be more cost-effective at the moment but also needs to be repeated as your results are also based on the initial swelling. It can also be more expensive in the long run. Scar tissue and hematomas can form based on the trauma delivered by this device.

If you can buy it on the Walmart website or Amazon, you may want to reconsider this procedure. Would you go to a massage therapist for a broken bone? Always research, always know that you get what you pay for and ALWAYS know the risks and benefits. Ask questions and demand answers. It is your health and safety. BTW, needle-free does NOT mean it is pain-free.

Read more with our sources!

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